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Workship, a management consultancy founded by Katrin Muhr, specializes in human resources and works in cooperation with experienced experts from the fields of psychology, medicine and coaching. Workship has grown from years of cooperation between the partners involved and builds on the mutual trust and understanding that emerged from many joint projects in the field of aviation.

As a management consultancy specializing in the areas of full-cycle HR consulting, with a particular focus on digitization and automation of HR processes, personnel development and executive coaching, we support your search for suitable employees for complex tasks and areas of heightened responsibilities and we are your sparring partner for developing them long-term.

We find employees with the skills and personality traits that best match the needs of your company. We also offer support in developing your team.

WORKSHIP is there to support you in the critical field of personnel selection, personnel consulting and HR development in your specific industry.


Comprehensive experience

Katrin Muhr

Founder, Human Resources

Katrin Muhr is a business consultant with a professional focus in business psychology and specializes in personnel development, Executive Coaching, interim Management and the implementation of corporate health management systems. She is a go-to for corporate health promoting strategies that enhance workforce effectivity and the retention of valuable employees. Due to her many years of experience with major European airlines, she is familiar with highly specialized HR requirements. This makes her an ideal sparring partner for any company with complex hiring and developmental goals.


Mag. Christian Czihak

Cooperation Psychology

Mag. Christian Czihak is a clinical and health psychologist as well as a certified occupational and aviation psychologist. In addition to his diverse activities, such as advising various aviation companies and the Austrian aviation authority, he is also a respected expert in health-promoting measures. His satisfied customers include companies such as Spar Austria, Austrian Airlines, Red Bull, AUVA and Eurowings Europe.

Dr. Thomas Drekonja 

Cooperation Medicine
Management Aero Medical Center Salzburg

Thomas Drekonja, MD is an EASA certified flight surgeon, aeromedical examiner and private pilot. Our practice is a fully equipped and EASA certified aeromedical examination facility. Private pilots, commercial pilots, airline transportation pilots, air traffic controllers and cabin attendants can obtain their aviation medicals after successful completion of their examinations at our clinic.


Our services are comprehensive and specialized at the same time. We draw on our core strengths: personality, commitment and professionalism.

Executive Coaching

Unlock your full Leadership Potential: Empowering Executives to Excel!

Executive Coaching is a high-quality and customized development program that assists executives and top-level managers in unlocking their full potential and achieving peak performance. It provides a confidential and supportive environment where executives can reflect on their professional challenges, goals, and ambitions.

Through close collaboration with experienced and specialized Executive Coaches, participants have the opportunity to improve their leadership qualities, enhance personal effectiveness, and optimize decision-making. The coaching aims to strengthen existing strengths and identify potential areas for development, fostering holistic and sustainable leadership growth.

Within the framework of Executive Coaching, individual goals are established based on the specific needs, objectives, and challenges of the executives. Coaches support participants in increasing self-confidence, improving communication skills, effectively managing conflicts, and refining their leadership capabilities.

The benefits of Executive Coaching are diverse: enhanced performance, effective stress management, improved time management, increased employee motivation, and ultimately better organizational performance. Executives gain deeper self-awareness and develop a clear vision for their professional future.

Executive Coaching is an investment in the personal and professional development of leaders, with long-term positive impacts on their careers and the company. It empowers executives to effectively navigate the challenges of the modern business world, evolve into inspiring, authentic, and effective leaders.



Advisors with expertise find candidates with expertise

We support you by finding the best employees and creating a short list of candidates with skills precisely tailored to the needs of your company. We provide psychological test protocols that encompass personality traits, ability to concentrate, performance, motivation, decision-making and creativity to give you the decision making certainty needed when hiring.


Personnel development

The input of your personnel is your path to success

The success of entrepreneurial activity is inextricably linked to the performance of your employees. We support companies in major scaling initiatives, change projects, as well as in developing organizational structures and corporate culture to help them achieve peak performance.

We work together with you to create onboarding strategies, team building measures, a strong corporate and leadership culture and everything a modern, employee-oriented company needs to excel.

Health promoting measures

Keep your team fit by assuring the fitness of your members

Mental and physical health management play a major role in our portfolio as well. This includes burnout prevention – We help you assure that your employees are healthy and stay healthy.


Some services are offered and carried out in cooperation with our partners.
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